Mom's Birthday

Mom s Birthday

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Mom s Birthday

Mom s Birthday

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Let me say.. Happy Birthday to her
Coz' today.. is my Mom's birthday
She's 50 years
Oh!!.. unbelieveable
she look healthy and younger than her age

I love her so much
I love but seldom act to her that I love
But.. sometime I kiss her cheek
before I left her or sometime special

I think.. I'm a lucky girl [[in the world]]
coz' I born to be her daughter a warm family
I can not find the word that can explain
..about my family
sometime good ..sometime bad
it's normal things for human's life
Life.. doesn't have just a beautiful thing
I proud to be a part of my family

Mom s Birthday

Let I tell her..

I hope the best thing come through her life
wishing her has good health
..long live as possible
stay with me long ..long time

 I LOVE YOU,  Mommy
I can't live without you

"Sorry for everything bad, I've done"
I can take care myself.. I can do that
I know.. what's a bad or good thing
..what should I can do.. or not
I can face this world.. more than I was young
Trust me..
I will not make you dissatisfied, I can do that
Don't worry

Mom s Birthday

Today evening

after I finish study.. I will going back home
and have dinner with my family
'coz today is a special day ^^

after that.. I must go back to do some project
(so boring)
a lot of homework and project -.+

Let's drink
..ei ei

Ps. I may edit this page
..or may be not
coz' I'm a lazy gal ki

Mom s Birthday


Mom s Birthday

Mom s Birthday Mom s BirthdayMom s BirthdayMom s BirthdayMom s BirthdayMom s Birthday Mom s Birthday

*Ţ ..Ԥ


Mom s Birthday





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